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Infrared Human Body Induction ComponentsGas / temperature and humidity sensor and moduleInfrared Human Sensing SchemeDevelopment of Single Chip MicrocomputerResistance / capacitance / two or three pole tube
  • 86048604
  • 8603-4B8603-4B
  • 8603-4A8603-4A
  • 83108310
  • 人体感应模块D203S人体感应模块D203S
  • 热释电红外传感器热释电红外传感器
  • 无线发射编解码无线发射编解码
  • SP-001SP-001
  • SP-003SP-003
  • 红外线感应模块红外线感应模块
  • 红外线感应模块红外线感应模块
  • 人体感应灯管方案人体感应灯管方案
  • 人体感应球泡灯方案人体感应球泡灯方案
  • 人体感应太阳能灯方案人体感应太阳能灯方案
  • 红外感应单片机红外感应单片机
  • 红外感应单片机红外感应单片机
  • 红外感应单片机红外感应单片机
  • 红外感应单片机红外感应单片机

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Shenzhen XinBoxing Technology Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Boxing Xin Technology Co., Ltd. is a infrared sensor, wireless transmission, receiving, gas sensors, microcontroller and other products of high-tech enterprises. The company has more than 10 years of infrared electronic products sales experience, the company since its establishment, has also set up a professional technical development and marketing team, to provide all kinds of induction electronic product design and production services for customers
Shenzhen XinBoxing Technology Co., Ltd.
Telephone and Fax: 0755-82550468
Mobile phone:18924642010/17727573606

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